Diexis Series

I draw the forms with a digital pen.

Some are created from a single gesture. I program the software to respond to my pen, and it's the software's job to interpret my strokes as the blueprint for a pseudo-sculpture -- extruding them and applying physical texture, while rendering the volumized form as photographic imagery.

Light and shadow play a critical role in the rendering process because, without them, the work only exists in its digital context.

It's through the intentional shrowding of realism, the black & white photograph, the diffused daylight washing over each form, that these works become sculptures in an "other" space. Not quite real nor virtual.

Diexis refers to the linguistic categorization of words that demonstrate an object's time or place.

To me, these two forms represent the obfuscation of diexis in regards to now vs. then, and here vs. there. Diexis floats over darkness in a space that is neither of here nor there.